Website for REVERA Law Company

Launched July 31, 2020

REVERA is the biggest law firm in Belarus. REVERA lawyers are noted in international directories and the company itself holds top positions in international law firm rankings.

REVERA provides services in a wide range of branches. It was important to provide potential clients with quick and easy-to-use navigation through the services of the company on a new website.

Besides, there was a need to describe the company’s projects and acquaint potential clients with the REVERA team.

The company regularly holds seminars and conferences. That’s why another task was to create a handy tool for presenting events and participants registration.

The Design and the Home Page

REVERA has a reputation for being a constantly improving and developing company. We tried to convey this image with the help of a modern minimalist design.

Used calming colours and sharp lines on the website. Supplemented the design with unobtrusive animations, which help create a pleasant impression from interacting with the website.

Drew a set of minimalist icons and supported the text content with it.

"Expertise" Section

In this section the services of the company are described. The services can be found by branches, as well as by industries – whichever suits your needs. The section is supplemented by the advantages of REVERA, which are relevant to this or that branch/industry.

Section "Projects"

Describing the projects REVERA has implemented. Just like specialists, projects can be found by branches, as well as by industries.

It’s possible to get acquainted with projects of interest more closely on the project case page. Here the user can learn about project details and the team, which implemented it, go to the pages of similar projects.

"Team" Section

Here the potential client can get acquainted with the REVERA team. With the help of a filter it’s possible to learn what branches this or that specialist works with. It’s also possible to search for a lawyer by industries.

A Landing Page Builder

Developed a landing page builder for:

  • a single service;
  • a single specialist;
  • a single event.

Thought through the appearance of text blocks, the review block, the project block, sliders, the registration for an event block, the programme block and many more.

By combining these blocks the website administrator can create pages that will suit the company’s objectives perfectly. With all that, however the blocks are combined, the design looks holistic and seamless.

The Event Page

With the help of the landing page builder created a handy tool for presenting educational events, which REVERA regularly holds.

It’s possible to create an event page from such blocks as "Programme, "Speakers", "Registration", "Upcoming events", "General partners", "Reviews" and many more. Here’s an example of the appearance of the event structure:

Microdata and AMP

Implemented microdata on the website. Such microdata helps beneficially highlight the website snippet against the background of competitors in search results in Google, Yandex and other popular search engines. A reminder: a snippet is a small block of information about the website, which appears in search results.

Thanks to the website snippet can take up more space and be more informative in comparison with neighbouring search results, where microdata is not implemented. Such visual improvement of the snippet enhances its clickability. Due to increased clickability microdata can also have an indirect positive influence on the place of the website in search results.

For pages of a single project and pages of a single article created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMPs allow pages to load quickly on mobile devices. It happens because Google stores the contents of the page in cash. In search results AMPs are marked with lightning.

The website is comfortable to use from desktops, as well as from smartphones and tablets.