Corporate Website for Slutsk Cheese Factory

Launched October 5, 2018

Corporate website for Slutsk Cheese Factory, one of the largest enterprises in the dairy industry of Belarus.

The main aim of the website is to contribute to finding new partners for the company.

The new website is also to maintain the image of a successful and modern company.


The design is based on the golden section principle. This approach is essential both in creating an asymmetric design and in retaining a visual balance.


On the first screen, we place the slogan and the promotional video of the company. We also add images of trademarks, by clicking on which users can quickly go to the product catalog.

Below, we place the ‘Partners’ block. Here, we provide the information about the company production capacity and encourage potential partners to start cooperation.

The page is completed with the block, in which the company can promote its new products as well as stimulate the interest for the old ones.

Product Catalog

In order to facilitate the navigation around the range of goods, we add the possibility to browse products by both categories and trademarks.

Users can quickly move to the category or the trademark they are interested in directly from the drop-down menu.

The card of each product opens up without page reloading. At the same time, all the products are supplied with their own unique URLs. Thus, users can share the link to the product. Acquiring its own URL by each product is a major asset with regard to the SEO.

The website is adaptive. That is why it is convenient to surf it from smartphones and tablets.