Digital History Network Platform

Launched May 4, 2020

What is Digital history Network? It’s a platform for learning about interesting history projects and talking about your own one.

Why digital? Here projects that were created with the help of various IT solutions are gathered. For example, you can find documentary podcasts, virtual tours, interactive maps, games in the form of a chat bot.

The task: to create a convenient platform, where users can talk about their projects and organisations, publish announcements of events, as well as always keep up with educational possibilities and events in the sphere of digital history.


On the page you can learn about upcoming events, as well as get acquainted with organisation and projects. They are shown on the homepage in random order, each time different.

Organisations Page and Projects Page

These pages have a similar structure: organisations/projects are displayed in a list, it’s possible to find the needed organisation/project with the help of a filter.

Apart from the list, organisations can also be found on a map.

By the way, if you are interested in the subject of history, we recommend subscribing to the mailing of projects — they are really worthwhile here.

It’s possible to quickly go to adding an organisation/project from both pages.

All the user has to do to add an organisation or a project is fill in the detailed form in Russian and, optionally, in English. Data from the form will be sent to moderation.

Individual Organisation or Project Page

If the website administrator approves the data, the information from the form turns into an organisation/project page.

If later on the organisation adds projects or publishes announcements of events, they appear on the organisation page.

The platform is accessible by the link below. Enter, get acquainted with interesting projects and announcements, become part of Digital History Network!