A corporate website
for the Ivatsevichdrev company

Launched September 2, 2020

Ivatsevichdrev manufactures chipboards and also makes stylish furniture.

Apart from that, it’s the first and so far the only woodworking company in Belarus with ultra-ecological production.

The plant’s products meet one of the strictest standards on ecological safety – formaldehyde emission class E0.5. So, if you are currently looking for new furniture, Ivatsevichdrev is well worth considering – the furniture is not only beautiful, but also safe for health.

It was important to describe the potential and advantages of Ivatsevichdrev on the new website, as well as convey the image of a large ecological company.


To emphasize the image of the company with clean ecological production the design of the website was made bright and light. Fresh light green was chosen as an accent colour.

Home Page

A background video is placed on the first screen – it helps to support the image of a large reliable company. The characteristics of the company are described below, which is important for customers, as well as for potential employees.

Drew a set of unique icons.

"About the company" page

Ivatsevichdrev is a company with a history of about 100 years. A timeline is used to show the main stages of the development of the company. The potential and the manufacturing capacity of the plant are described below.

Internal pages

The majority of the pages on the website are static.
To enable the customer to create convenient and pretty pages the appearance of the various elements for formatting content was thought through. For example, lists, quotes, galleries, links, tables etc.

The website is adaptive, which makes it convenient to use on smartphones and tablets.