Corporate Website for Stravita

Launched March 13, 2019

The company Stravita is an insurance enterprise that is a leader at the life insurance market in Belarus.

The new site of the company was to follow several objectives:

  • to promote insurance programs and to attract new clients;
  • to maintain the image of a reliable and stable insurance company;
  • to carry out the information support for customers.


The homepage contains the Insurance Programs section. Here are the programs that are interesting for the company to promote. Each program is presented as a card with a brief description. When clicking the card, users go to the page of the program, where they can get familiar with its terms in detail.

Below, there is a section with customer reviews. Here, we also tell about the benefits of cooperating with the company Stravita.

Internal Pages

For the client to be able to format the content of the site internal pages, a library of styles is created. The layout of quotes, lists, galleries, links to download files is thoroughly considered up.

The designer of forms is developed, by using which the website administrator can create and add forms to the site pages with a required set of elements. E.g., the form can be supplied with check boxes, a drop-down list, the button Attach File, etc..

Website Version for Visually Impaired People

The website is supplied with a version for visually impaired people. When switching to this version, a special subject with a more contrast mode is loaded. Users can set up a display the way it is convenient for them to use by changing a font size and a color scheme. Visitors can also enable or disable images on the site.

The site is convenient to use from both desktops and smartphones.