Corporate Website for Borimak Company

Launched April 9, 2018

Corporate website for the largest manufacturer of pasta in Belarus.

The main goal of a new website is to help the company attract new partners. Therefore, it was important to create a website that could:

  • inform potential clients about the opportunities and advantages of the company and allow them to start an immediate cooperation;
  • provide users with the possibility to find any important information fast and in a handy way, in particular, to get easily oriented at the company's products.

Home Page

On the first screen, we present the company’s very new and popular products. Each package is placed on an independent slide, and the products on the background are shown in bulk. From interesting features: we apply the parallax effect to the products on the background.

On the home page, we also tell about the company’s most important achievements and opportunities.

Catalog of Products

Users can have a look at the products both in packaging and in bulk. We also add the option to filter pasta products by their “long / short” types.

On the page of each product, we place the detailed information about each pasta product.
For wholesale customers, we add the information about the group packaging and offer to buy products by contacting the company by phone or by email.

The site is responsive, so it is convenient to use it from mobile devices.