Corporate Website for Labvita Сompany

Launched October 8, 2018

Labvita deals with innovative laboratory equipment and reagents supplies from global manufacturing leaders.

The new site was to maintain the image of the technology company, to present the products in the best way, and to get potential customers familiarized with the company and its capabilities.


The homepage contains the laboratory solutions offered by Labvita and places the detailed information about the company's services.

Below, we reveal the logos of manufacturers whose products Labvita supplies. In addition to getting potential customers familiarized with brands, this block performs another function, i.e. it helps to promote the site in search engines.

Product Catalog

Users can view the products in the catalog in two ways: by categories and by brands.

Within the category, products can be filtered by brand, and within the brand — by category.

Not all of the categories and brands can be exposed as a list of products. That is why we are thinking over an alternative way to deliver content. For instance, we present the Diasens products by using a static page.

The site administrator can choose which content presentation option is good for a particular brand or category.

Product Card

The first screen contains some brief information about a product and offer potential buyers to find out its price. The button “See the Price” is the main call to action. That is why it is highlighted. “Documentation” is an additional call to action. It is aimed at users who need additional information to make a decision.

Below, we present a detailed description of the product. It is often very large. In order to help users easily perceive the information, we place the content in two tabs: “Description” and “Specification”. In the “Specification” tab, users can view the basic and advanced features of the product. In the “Description” tab, the site administrator can publish any additional information about the product. The tabs get automatically hidden if the detailed description is not required. The product card can be supplied with a file to download.

The site contains a section called “Articles”. If there is a publication related to the product in this section, it automatically pops up on the card of this product.

As with product categories and brands, product information can be displayed on the static page. It is enough just to select this function in the content management system.

The site is responsive. That is why it can conveniently be used from smartphones and tablets.