Lekpharm Company Corporate Website

Launched August 17, 2016

What is the project about?

A corporate website for the pharmaceutical company Lekpharm.


The enterprise Lekpharm develops, produces and sells pharmaceuticals. The company is flourishing and can boast of the highest growth rates among similar Belarusian enterprises.

The new site was supposed to sustain a brand image of a promising and technological enterprise.

It was also important:

  • to tell about the company on the site in a simple and attractive way and about the benefits of cooperation with it;
  • to create a convenient catalog that can be easily used for finding types of medicine by certain criteria.

Project Implementation

Home Page

On the Home Page, at first, we would like to attract the attention of potential partners by focusing on the main approaches to the work and possibilities of the company Lekpharm. The information is provided with a slider. An icon is drawn for each slide. The animation added makes the slider look more “technological”.

Below, we place a block with products. The customer decides on their own what types of medicine are to be presented on the Home Page, e.g., seasonal medicine, novelties, or popular products.

The Home Page also contains the current news of the company and the information about the latest Lekpharm scientific research.

Product Catalog

On the old site of the company, the product catalog was scattered around four sections. It made visitors waste a lot of time when searching for information.

For example, in order to find out which types of cardiac medicine are registered in Russia, potential partners had to perform a complicated manipulation: “Medicine” › “by Area of Application” › “Cardiology”, then they had to select the medicine they needed and finally to go to the section “Foreign partners” in order to check whether the medicine chosen was registered in Russia. The same path was supposed to go through to find out about each product.

Filtering is carried out without page reloading. It allows visitors to find quickly the information they need. Besides, the filtering logic excludes the result “Nothing is found” if any parameters are introduced. For instance, when choosing a type of medicine called “dietary supplements”, the user can no longer select “by Prescription” as this option becomes inactive.

The filter looks the same both on the desktop and mobile devices. It allows visitors who view the site on several devices to work conveniently with the catalog.

Page “About the Company”

The statistics proves that users actively visit on the site only the very first part of the section “About the Company”. The other parts are not so popular. That is why the most important information about the company is located just on one page. Despite its large volume, the information on this page is easily perceived due to the competent content structuring and visualization.

The history of the enterprise is presented in the timeline format. This approach allowed us to place the information in a compact and entertaining way.

The most important indices of the enterprise development are presented in graphic blocks with animation.

The site is responsive, and this is extremely important to Lekphram as a great number of visitors view the site by using their cell phones.