HMD Trucking Landing Page

Launched September 13, 2021

HMD Trucking is one of the most fast-growing transport companies in Chicago.

We created a landing page for HMD Trucking to attract drivers to the company.

The US trucking companies are drastically short of truck drivers, continuously competing for employees and spending vast advertising budgets to attract them.

It was important to create a site which would motivate as many drivers as possible to leave their contact details for further talk with a recruiter.


Before designing we analysed the existing HMD Trucking’s websites and studied the way users behave in them. The analysis helped identify the bottle-necks and learn what information the drivers are most interested in.

For instance, we learned the following aspects:

  • The drivers study information — both text and photos — about trucks and the team, and examine vehicles, people’s faces and other details thoroughly.
  • The drivers pay specific attention to the block with examples of paychecks.
  • The users read other drivers’ feedback about working at HMD Trucking keenly.
  • After scrolling down to the end on smartphones, the users do not understand that the page has ended and continue scrolling down for several seconds more. It may indicate that they lack some information on the site.
  • The mobile users have to scroll the page up and down to compare the terms of the vacancies they like.

Based on the information obtained at the analytics stage we formed the structure of the landing page, working out the content and the order of the blocks. Additionally, we developed an initial brief for a copywriter for creating content for the website.

Prototyping and design

When prototyping and designing we used Mobile First approach, as far as the majority of the users view the site using smartphones.

User-friendly navigation

On the new website, we made it convenient to compare the terms of vacancies on smartphones.


This is the way the landing page looks on desktop devices.

The block Truck Driving Jobs We Offer tells a potential employee about the vacancies and offers to leave contact details for further communication with a recruiter.

At the analytics stage we learned that the drivers pay special attention to paycheck examples. Accordingly, the drivers who are not ready to leave their contact details yet are offered to look at the amounts they can earn on the job positions they like.

On clicking “See how much you can make” the users go to a block where they can see how much HMD Trucking's best drivers made last month, as well as understand the way the wages are calculated.

After that we suggest the driver leave the contact details and become a part of HMD Trucking team.

As a result of the analysis, we found out that the drivers are actively interested in information about the trucks which the company offers to work on. At the same time, one of the advantages of HMD Trucking is that 90% of their fleet consists of the legendary Peterbilt 579 and Peterbilt 567, all vehicles are not older than 3 years.

We write about it on the site and show the trucks in detail, describing their key features. The block makes it easier for the users to imagine themselves as HMD Trucking drivers.

We write about the team and showcase the drivers.

We add a block with feedback. The majority of the feedback are videos filmed by HMD Trucking drivers from the first person. This format helps a potential employee build trust in the company.

Photo shoot

Quality photo content plays a crucial role in the site’s design. We developed a detailed brief for a photographer and described technical aspects, the style and the mood of the photos, including reference images.

The resulting photos are totally consistent with our vision.