The MaxRush Platform

Launched March 17, 2017

In the Premier League, They Ban – We Don’t

Everyone loves sports. OK, not everyone but the majority. Besides, many gambling and mathly-built guys try to profit off sports by making bets.

Imagine the outcome of the competition could depend on you!

We have created a virtual platform, on which you can do push-ups and chin-ups and perform any exercise that the organizers will come up with and you will benefit from a good result.

How does it work?

On the platform, organizers announce a tournament with the dates of its start and end. The tournament involves the performance of a certain exercise. Several tournaments are held on the platform simultaneously, so you can easily find the one, in which you are strong enough to participate.

It is required to pay an admission fee in order to take part in. 90% of all the fees makes a prize fund. A competition with more participants means there will be more winners and a greater gain for each of them.

After making a fee, you will see a form on the tournament page, in which you will have to enter the result and add a link to the video that proves your mastery.

Your result will be displayed in the general table of participants. You can improve your result and re-enter it into the form, though only one time.

The MaxRush platform is for pure and open competitions. Organizers will stretch the ears of any pilferer up to the back of the thigh and of any big crook up to the tendon of Achilles. All the competitors have access to the videos of their rivals. If you have noticed that the declared result does not correspond to what you see in the video, report it immediately to the organizers. There are two versions of the scenario:

  • If the exercise is performed inaccurately (e.g., sagging knees in the bar), the organizers will most likely offer the participant to re-do the exercise;
  • If the infringement is deliberate (e.g., a number of repetitions indicated are higher than done), the participant will be kicked out from the platform and the result will be cancelled.

After the results are declared, all the lucky guys take pieces of cake from the shelves, and the rest start breeding the hope to enjoy it next time.

However, this is what it has led to. Now let’s talk a little bit about how the platform was created.

How was the platform created?

The invention began with the idea of combining sports and thrills. We visualized the idea with a pencil on the paper. Just below, there are decently re-performed sketches (use the slider if you want to see the entire process).

When creating the interface, we came across difficulties with setting up:

  • registration / authorization and sending the result;
  • statistics and tips for competitions.

The other features are quite ordinary. Carrying out the design, we realized yet that the majority of participants would use their mobile devices to deal with the platform. Therefore, we worked thoroughly on developing the mobile interface.


At the front end, we did not use the CSS-framework in order to make the application code clearer and its work faster.


The MaxRush platform is a unique phenomenon with an outstanding functionality. There was no point in using the ready-made CMS. We chose the Yii 2 PHP Framework (do not mix it up with the CSS-framework). The participants of the platform received a possibility to enjoy a high speed of the application functioning, and its owners obtained the scalability of the project and the convenience of managing it.

Guys, we are already in March! The bars are cold and the tongue can still stick to them. What am I talking about?! Everyone goes to MaxRush!