Website for Mozyrsalt Company

Launched November 20, 2019

Developed a corporate website for a big salt producer "Mozyrsalt".

The company produces edible salt, dry spices, salt for dishwashers and curing salt and nitrite mixture. And yes, it seems that every belarusian knows "Mozyrsalt" produce by sight :-)

The task: to create a convenient and visually appealing website oriented first of all to the company’s B2B clients.


Made the website very light and clean. Using outline illustrations of salt crystals as the main element of the design.

On the homepage talking about the company's advantages, its products and news.

B2B clients can order the products online. It’s possible to go to the online application from the homepage, as well as from the header and the drop-down menu.

Besides, added an element with contacts for quick connection with the company to the header.

Using a background video on the first screen. Also added a small animation of elements on loading the page, so that the website was not only convenient, but also visually appealing.

Product Catalogue

On the individual product page talking about the merchandise: ingredients, storage conditions, shelf life, giving a link to specification.

Telling wholesale buyers about all the possible variants of bundling. Right here suggesting placing an online order.

Online Application for Wholesale Buyers

The same product can have different variants of individual packaging and bundling. For example, the same salt can be packaged in a jar, pack or packet of 200, 500 or 1000 g. Besides, there are a couple of bundling variants for each individual package. For example, salt in packets of 1000g can be packaged in bags of 20 or 50 kg or in a crate of 20 kg.

All this diversity of packaging variants was taken into account while creating the online application page. Made the process of ordering the products as convenient as possible for wholesale buyers. The buyer just has to state the needed amount of product in this or that combination of individual packaging and bundling.

The website is convenient to use on smartphones and tablets.