Website for MyClean Company

Launched March 5, 2018

MyClean is a young company that offers apartment cleaning services.

The main aim of the new website is to generate customers. Besides, the website is to fulfill three more tasks:

  • to provide potential customers with the answers to their initial questions related to cleaning process and service costs;
  • to help potential customers get rid of “fears to have a stranger working at home”;
  • to assist MyClean in searching for employees.


As the principle objective of the website is to generate clients, we place a calculator on the first screen. This feature helps users calculate the costs and the estimated cleaning time and immediately order the service.

In addition to the standard option of the number of rooms and bathrooms, extra services can also be added to the calculation, e.g.: dishwashing, balcony cleaning, etc. In order to avoid any misunderstanding between the cleaning company and customers, we specify next to each extra service what the cleaner is supposed to do.

Under the calculator, we place the block “What does Cleaning Include?” Here, we describe the services included in the cleaning of specific rooms.

Below, users can find the information about the main advantages of dealing with MyClean. One of them is the insurance provided by the company in case of force majeure.

For the blocks “What does Cleaning Include?” and “Why Us?”, custom icons are rendered.

The website also contains FAQs (frequently asked questions) and customer reviews. Both of the blocks help potential customers get rid of doubts related to ordering services in this cleaning company.

Do not forget that the website is to facilitate MyClean’s search for cleaners. Therefore, we add the button “Looking for Cleaners” to the header.

In the header, we also give phone numbers for instant communication.

As for the website design, it is made up in light colors and in a minimalistic style because it is important to cause the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

And, of course, it is convenient to order MyClean services from smartphones and tablets.