Website for Distillery NAROCH

Launched June, 14, 2019

The Distillery Naroch produces strong alcoholic beverages, potable and mineral water.

The company tries to keep the knowledge acquired for a hundred years and all the traditions. That is why the product collection includes beverages by unique local Belarusian recipes.

The main goal of the site is to present the image of the enterprise that combines the care for traditions with an innovative approach in its work. It was also important to promote distillery products in a successful way.

Photo Shoot

In the site design, photos plays a huge role. Before staring a design, the plots and the style of the images were thoroughly considered up. There was a discussion with the photographer about the ideas that the photos were planned to convey. The mood board was worked out for the photographer.

In the end, we were given the photos with an atmospheric touch, precisely what had been thought up.


In the distillery, there is a store where the company’s products are aged in wooden barrels. The photos from there are placed on the homepage. We tell about the values and principles of the company. The homepage also contains a section with popular products.

Product Catalogue

A personalized product card opens up without page reloading. In addition, each product is provided with a unique URL. It allows visitors to share products. This unique URL is also regarded as an advantage for SEO.

The site is convenient to use from both computers and smartphones.