Promotional Website of Sports Nutrition Trademark PROSPORT

Launched August 17, 2017

What is the project about?

The website serves to promote the Belarusian sports nutrition trademark PROSPORT.


PROSPORT is a sports nutrition trademark of Berioza Cheese -Making Factory. At the time of website development, there was only one product of this trademark, i.e. the beverage concentrate Atlet-C.

The customer decided to promote a new product on the Internet with a trademark promo-site.

Together with the customer, we defined the objectives of the future site:

  • to carry out a good showing for the product Atlet-C;
  • to make end customers interested in buying the sports nutrition PROSPORT;
  • to attract wholesale buyers to cooperate with the company;
  • to provide information support for existing partners.


At the stage of analytics, we studied the product, its strengths and weaknesses by comparing the offers of competitors and analyzed the target audience.

We found out that the sports nutrition Atlet-C sports nutrition differs in a number of merits:

  • there is more protein in the product than in similar ones of Belarusian competitors;
  • the price is lower when compared to the ones of the foreign producers’ products;
  • the product is natural and healthy.

Projecting and Designing

Home Page

We laid out an interface of the Home Page and presented the product by highlighting its merits.

Now, we are coming up to the design stage.

In order to make the presentation of the product more attractive, we added animation to the home page.

Product Page

On the product page, we placed the detailed information about the drink. Here, visitors can find out the list of ingredients, the recipe, and the expiry date of the product as well as view the packaging in 360-degree format in detail.

Page “Where to buy?”

For retail buyers, we created a page where they can be informed about the points of sale of the drink in their city and find stores on the map.

Page “To Partners”

On the page aimed at partners, we tell about the advantages of working with the company and we suggest starting up cooperation.

The site is responsive; thus, it is handy when using cell phones.