Website for Selti Optical Stores Network

Launched February 26, 2018

Selti is the largest network of optical and medical offices in Grodno. It is a modern and non-stop developing company.

The guys open up stylish salons, use high-precision eyewear manufacturing equipment, build up partnerships with producers of world-known brands such as RayBan, D&G, Prada, etc. In the nearest future, the company plans to develop business in other regions of Belarus.

A new site for Selti was supposed to conduct two main functions: information providing and image contributing. It was important to tell about the possibilities of the stores and to promote the image of the modern and trustworthy company.


Before starting up the project, we carried out some research. By taking into account its results and as a follow-up, the customer wrote the content for the site and we designed the interface.

We found out what kind of information potential customers of optical stores would like to see on the site. We received some part of information while talking to the customer; another part was obtained from open sources. E.g., we analyzed the questions that potential clients usually ask each other at forums and social networks. We concluded that people often get interested what ophthalmologic offices of the city make use of certain facilities in their practices and where these or those services are available there. As a result, the customer provided this information in details on the new site.

In addition, we visited two optical salons and talked to the shop assistants. We learnt from them what is of high interest for clients when they come to the shops or call there.

So, the clients quite often ask:

  • What addresses of the medical offices are, and whether the ophthalmologist provides consultations at this or that office.
    The shop assistants explained to us that it is very important for clients to know if there is a medical room in the optical office. In this case, they can go through all the eye tests, figure out what glasses they need and order them on the spot. It allows people to save quite a lot of time.
  • Whether the optical offices produce special glasses — progressive glasses, bifocal glasses, sunglasses with diopters.
  • Whether there is a service for quick manufacturing the glasses in the optical offices; how fast the glasses can be made; how much this service costs.
  • Where it is possible to repair the glasses in the office; where the workshops for repairing glasses are located; and what their work timetable is.

Besides, the shop assistants have told us that clients willingly agree on an ultrasonic wash of glasses. It is offered as an accompanying service. Clients rarely ask for this service by themselves because they might not know about it.

While talking to the shop assistants, we conclude that the site should contain the information about popular optical services as well as the types of glasses manufactured.

In Selti offices, clients can find frames and sunglasses of famous brands. We assumed that a gift certificate for buying glasses could be a good gift option. We learnt from the shop assistants that the gift certificate is not advertised at all, and it is sold only when the buyers by themselves convey their wish to acquire it. At the same time, the customer is interested in selling these certificates. As a result, we decided to devote a site section to a gift certificate.

We learnt from the customer about the competitive advantages of the company:

  • Selti is the only representative of the original Italian brands of glasses in the region of Grodno.
  • The company owns the only specialized optical office for children in the region of Grodno.
  • The workshops of the company are provided with French high-precision manufacturing machinery, which allows specialists to produce glasses of any complexity.
  • Only ophthalmologists of the first and the highest rank work at the medical rooms, where they make use of modern equipment.


Clients come to the optical stores to buy products for vision correction, sunglasses or to acquire certain services. Besides, parents bring their children to the optical office for children. We built up the main menu of the site by taking into account these demands of the clients. We highlighted the features “Optics”, “Sunglasses”, “Optics for Children” and “Services”. We also added the sections “About the Company” and “News”.

Home Page

On the first screen of the home page, there is a promo about the company and its strapline “It’s great to see well and look good”.

Then, we tell about the advantages of the company. We draw an icon for each point.

Below, we place the block “News and Offers” as well as the blocks with products and services, which are the most popular with clients.

Page for Service
“Eye Test”

This page contains a detailed description of medical services offered and a block of information about ophthalmologists.

We invite users to make an appointment with a doctor by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Page “Stores and Medical Rooms”

Do you remember our finding out that it is very important for buyers to see a medical room in an optical store? To make it more convenient for users to search this information on the site, we placed the addresses and contacts of the store and the medical room on the same card. Now, the visitor can easily see in what optical stores the ophthalmologist carries out eye tests

Internal Pages

The internal site pages are static. As it was important for the customer to be able to modify the content of the internal pages in a flexible and attractive way, we created a library of styles.
We thoroughly thought over the design of the following features:

  • photo-galleries;
  • sliders;
  • quotes;
  • tables;
  • links for downloading files and so on.

Photo Shoot

The design of the site is mostly created on the photo content. Thus, it was utterly important to fill up the site with high quality and stylish photos.

The customer ordered a photo shoot on their own. To achieve the results we needed, we invited the customer’s photographer to the studio and explained with examples in details what photos we wanted to be taken. Fortunately, the photos from the very first shoot turned out to be the way we imagined.

A corporate site is not the only project with Selti. When creating the site was over, we designed a corporate identity for the company — starting with business cards and ending in discount cards.

We also developed for the customer an online store of contact lenses.