Corporate website for UNICEF office in Belarus

Launched February 15, 2017

Corporate website for United Nations Children's Fund Office (UNICEF) in Belarus

International organization UNICEF has changed the corporate identity in 2016. Our main goal was to develop a website for UNICEF Office in Belarus according to a new brand book.

Beyond that, it was necessary to simplify the structure of the website as well as to create a flexible tool for promotion of events and narration of UNICEF activity areas.

Home Page

The home page was divided into four sections: the first screen, section of events, "Our priorities" section and "Press Center" section.

The first screen focuses on UNICEF achievements during its activity in Belarus.

The section of events is made as a slider. Each slide contains brief information and a link that leads to the page of the event. The section can be hidden if necessary.

Universal landing page

UNICEF often holds themed events: charity auctions and dinners. We had to think of how to promote such events on the website.

The simple page of "Press center" sector was not enough. As a rule, there is a lot of information about such events, and it can be structured differently. In some cases, it is important to highlight partners and, in other cases, to add reviews. Sometimes a form for booking tickets is required.

Besides promotion of events, it was also important to think of how to tell effectively about major priorities of UNICEF office in Belarus. It was planned to create a separate page for each priority.

Finally, we decide to create a universal landing page. The page contains a set of sections. The client can create a necessary page structure by adding the sections in any sequence.

Basing on the upcoming event we decide what types of sections the page will contain. Here is the list:

  • the first screen;
  • key information about events and program;
  • information about auction items;
  • form of feedback;
  • organizers’ appeal;
  • information about partners;
  • news;
  • video;
  • photo gallery;
  • text section;
  • contacts.

We proceed with prototyping and develop a comfortable layout of the page for any sequence of sections. We decide that sections will be separated from each other by background color that the client will be able to choose from offered options.

At the stage of design, we think over how the page will look in case it contains much or little text content. We work out a decision of how to display information equally readable on any background image.

Internal pages

In order to give the client an opportunity to format static content of internal pages more flexibly, we create an expanded UI kit. We think over a layout of quotations, notes, introduction text and file library.

The website is perfectly displayed on mobile devices.