Website for eXelentex

Launched May 3, 2021

eXelentex specializes in Artificial Intellect (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Data.

Using these technologies they create products which make life quality higher and businesses more effective.

The main purpose of the site is to tell about the company’s complex products and technologies, as well as about its capabilities in general, in a simple form.

eXelentex makes the future present. It was critical to back up the image of a high-tech and futuristic company.


The site is minimalistic and light. Red became an accent color. It is also used in the eXelentex logo.

To visualize products we created animated futuristic 3D forms.

Each product has its own form.

The landing page tells about the company’s products, fields of expertise and technologies used by eXelentex.

The site has 3 main sections: Products, Applications of Our Expertise, Technologies. The site’s structure enables a user to seamlessly access the information from other sections.

We added micro-interactions to make the site usage more pleasant.

The figure in the menu responds to movements of a mouse.

The site adapts to mobile devices.

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