Website for Zahnärzte am Phönixsee
Dental Clinic

Launched January 9, 2020

Zahnärzte am Phönixsee is a dental clinic in the German city of Dortmund.

Zahnärzte am Phönixsee differ from competitors in the philosophy. The guys make every effort to ensure that a client’s visit to the dentist is nice and comfortable, instead of stressful. This idea was the basis for the corporate website design.

The Home Page

On the first screen the clinic slogan is placed against the background of a video that helps to form the first impression.

Talking about working hours in the header, as well as suggesting making an appointment by calling or submitting a form.

The clinic has 3 important competitive advantages: extensive work experience, the best doctors, long warranty. Telling about that in the next block. Using large typography and non-standard scrolling. Such an approach allows to attract the user’s attention to the advantages.

In the next block conveying the clinic’s atmosphere. Showing the interior, talking about the clinic’s location by the lake.

Showing the results of treatment in Zahnärzte am Phönixsee with the help of the “Before/After” block. Right here suggesting making an appointment.

Helping potential clients to make a decision about receiving treatment in the clinic with the help of reviews from Zahnärzte am Phönixsee patients. Each review is supplemented with a link to the original review on Facebook or Google Places.

Team Page and Individual Specialist Page

Information about doctors is of principal importance on medical websites. Potential clients want to know who's going to treat them, that’s why they try to get a maximum amount of information about the doctor.

In team section the patient can become acquainted with all the clinic’s specialists. People tend to trust those they know more. Even if they haven’t met in person, just saw a photograph. That’s why we add a photo of each employee, as well as their name and position to the section.

Each doctor has a personal page on the website. Here, talking about the specialist’s education and career in detail, attaching academic certificates.

A substantial number of users visit the website on mobile devices, so it’s essential not to forget about adaptivity.